The Course

The Beginners course is for 6 weeks Tuesday or Friday evening
Puppys can start  training as soon as they have had their vaccinations

                    Beginners course class  6:30pm till 7:15pm   £45 for 6 weeks     

      Intermediate class   7:30pm till 8:15pm   £3 per week   

       Advanced class    8:15pm till 9:00pm   £3 per week


 last course before christmas Friday 10th November 2017

Our next courses will be

Tuesday 16th January 2018

Friday 19th January 2018

Please come along to club to meet us and book your dog's place

Come along and visit us a few weeks before the start date of the next course to watch a class.  If you like what you see and want to book for the course, to enable us to keep a manageable number of dogs we will take your course fee to guarantee you a place.  No need for an appointment to visit but please bring your dog's vaccination record. 

When you have booked your course, you and your dog will be invited to come each week to watch the lessons. There is no charge for this. It will help socialise your dog and for it to become more accustomed to the hall so that it will be more settled ready for its training.

Although the weekly lessons start at 6:30pm, we ask that you come at least 10 minutes early in order to settle both yourself and your dog.  

Some of the exercises we will teach you;

Watch - asking the dog to pay attention

Come  - return when called

Heel - walking with a loose lead

Wait -  until you ask for the next cue

Stay -   Until you return and release him/her

Stand - For examination by the vet

 At the end of each lesson you will receive a handout of the lesson just taken to help you prepare for the next session. Once you have completed the beginners Course, you will be invited to join the  Intermediate class or repeat the course at a cost of £3 each week.